The Return of The Pretty Uglys

After a 5+ year hiatus, the Pretty Uglys who have reformed with their original lineup, opened for the New York Dolls at the Ventura Theatre last week. Apparently, most people couldn’t justify the $35 ticket price (dinner or the dolls?) making for an embarrassingly meager draw; It’s the economy, stupid. Regardless, the Uglys blazed through a skin tight, louder than love set of Church of Rawk worship songs. Welcome back, boys. (Thanks Jeanette for the pic).



2 Comments to “The Return of The Pretty Uglys”

  1. $35 bucks for a ticket?!!!!!???!!! I STILL would have paid it just to see the Pretty Uglys!!! Wished I could have made the trip from Nashville,TN! Dammit!

  2. Hopefully they’ll get a chance to do some touring, eh?

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