4 days

Gamers rejoice! It’s only 4 more days until Blizzard releases WofLK making level 80 the new level 70 on World of Warcraft. Expansions have a way of leveling the playing field as we all become noobs at least for a little while. If you play, then you know that Blizzard has slowly been incorporating the new content via patches. The only thing we’re really waiting on is the continent Northrend, quests to 80 and much anticipated new class: Death Knight. Every day someone asks me if I plan to roll one, but I haven’t decided. It’s gonna be time consuming enough to level up my warrior from 70 to 80 and my priest, who’s only 61. Nevertheless, I am excited. Two new arenas were revealed this weekend and they make the old content look amateurish in comparison. The big questions for me are: Who in Ventura will have the expansion for sale on Thursday (Gamestop?) and will my computer be able to handle what is purported to be quite the memory gobbler.


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