Germs and antibiotics


These two things dominated my week as antibiotics did battle in my body against one germ and the majority of my conversations revolved around the GERMS.

A few years ago a good friend of mine became an extra in the indie film What We Do Is Secret. As a result, she became quite close to some people from the Germs camp, including Lorna Doom, Hellin Killer and actor Shane West who plays Darby Crash in the movie. During production and post, I heard stories almost daily about shenanigans on set and the fun she was having. It was pretty captivating stuff.

I came onto the L.A. punk rock scene immediately following the Germs era, but the mythology around the band, Darby and the Circle One gang was omnipresent in Hollywood and I couldn’t help be a little fascinated with the subject.

Last week I got hold of the What We Do Is Secret DVD, which was released earlier this month, with the intention to review it and maybe interview someone from the Germs

At the same time, I reconnected with a friend from my makeup artist days (Xavier Salon, 24 years ago) who coincidentally, (if you believe in such things, and I don’t) is producing a documentary about the Germs. I mean, holy crap. What are the odds?

So while we’re playing phone tag, I interview Rodger Grossman, the director of WWDIS and Lorna, with plans to talk to Don Bolles. (Shane is on location in Peru).

At this point I’m beginning to wonder about the two Germs films. Is there bad blood? I mean, certain key figures from the Germs’ history are missing from WWDIS and Grossman was a little too cheery about the documentary, Lexicon Devil (based on the book by Bolles and Brendan Mullen) when I asked him how he feels about it.

As it turns out my instincts were right. Hollywood is a vile place, more like an entity, that brings out the worst in people who are desperate for their moment in the sun, and the nature of filmmaking, the whorishness that becomes necessary to get a project off the ground is a necessary evil.

Unfortunately, I can’t go into detail, but suffice to say there is a story and it will get told by someone at some point.

It reminds me of when I broke the story of dissension in the Z-boys ranks just prior the release of the documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys.

I plan to talk to Bolles next week and write something up about WWDIS for this week or next week’s issue of the Reporter.


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  1. After reading through the article, I feel that I really need more information on the topic. Can you share some resources ?

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