So it begins…

Last week someone from the VCReporter camp who will go unnamed, challenged me to find 25 “good” CDs by local musicians. At least two acceptable songs per CD would be required in order to contend. I laughed. Are you kidding me? Only 25? That’s cake. I know for a fact there is a mountain of good music produced locally that’s gone largely undiscovered and I plan to expose it in the coming months in VCReporter.

Off the top of my head I could probably name 25, but time has me hostage at the moment. Here are a few artists anyway: The Spires, Franklin For Short, Todd Hannigan, Park Bench Prophets, Frank Barajas, the Pretty Uglys, the Feisty Piranhas, If It Kills Me, The Phantom Riders, No Motiv, Hindu Kush, Rachael Sedacca, Shades of Day, B. Willing, Army of Freshmen, Dan Grimm, Tall Tales, Coram Deo, Guy Martin, Ashford Gordon and the list goes on.

If your band has a CD or downloadable music that will prove my point, shoot me an email.


5 Responses to “So it begins…”

  1. i’m super impressed by emy reynolds! and how about the litany of cds by jeff kaiser?

    you should come up with 50 with audio support and then have a vote! (in all your spare time…)

  2. I need to check her out. Do you know her? Kaiser? Hmmm. I should play one of his CDS for my challenger and see the reaction, lol.

  3. yes I know Emy, but not well. best way is through her agent Leslie Merical (isn’t her office still on Fir?)

    and kaiser and i have known each other since we were children…so yes i know him too!

  4. There are close to 20 original songs by local artists featured on Radio Ojai. And they’re all good!


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