The death of irony

The following is a correspondence between my dear friend Jay Windsor, who really needs a blog (or I need him to have one) and myself.

Windsor: Interesting piece about the rather rapid decline of the use of the word “irony,” in recent times. Me, I enlarged the chart that’s offered, printed it out, and posted it on my fridge. (But I’m weird that way, for weird charts and graphs.)

Cicero: Who the hell even understands irony? In the article they seem to be confusing it with sarcasm. I think irony may be dead for the simple reason that we don’t know what it is. “How ironic,” is almost always said by someone who is utterly confused. Let’s not even touch Alanis Morissette’s hit song. If someone can explain irony to me and give me an example from current events, I will feel much better about the whole thing. What? A newspaper editor who doesn’t understand irony? Now that’s ironic! (Not.)


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