Ventura Film Festival

It was only a matter of time before the “New Art City” had its own film festival. The official launch of the first annual Ventura Film Festival took place at Candlelight Kitchen & Bar Sunday evening. Festival director Lorenzo DeStefano has the right idea by engaging the community through its neighborhood cinema program. As we become an increasingly visual and technology-driven people, the documentation of our life experiences is now a part of our every day lives.

The launch comes on the heels of the Ojai Film Festival‘s announcement that they are relocating their event to Ventura in 2009. Read about it in VCReporter.

It was a lovely night that included a performance by Emy Reynolds (shout out to Gwendolyn: I love Emy!) I was actually enjoying myself—which if you know me (INFJ) you know, I don’t do parties unless obligated and/or prodded—until I found myself face to face with Scott Jacobs who proceeded to harass me about getting coverage of his most recent flirtation with mediocrity and opportunism: a painting of a house burning in the Montecito “Tea” fire.

Suffice to say I was not amused, but I am pleased to hear he’s packing up his brushes and returning to the East Coast this month. Thank you for visiting Ventura, now go home.


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