Apocalypse, later…

san_andreas_faultIt’s an oldie of mine, but it got such a good review on Urbis, I decided to post it here fwiw:

We live on faulty earth in paper houses, subsist on the crumbs of a stale paradigm and pretend to be grounded.

California has a cruel streak about 800 miles long and if you’re not careful she’ll swallow you whole.

Today there was a question mark in the sky, I saw it with my own eyes. When it finally dispersed like the last wisp of foam in my coffee, a light rain fell.
But, it never rains in California, it only pours.

We live in extreme times in the extreme west. We have extremely good eating habits,  terribly attractive people and rattlesnakes.
On ordinary days we curse traffic, swim with sharks and pierce our tongues.

We know what it means to be alive. We are survivors. We’ve endured mudslides and scalpels and wheat grass.

We are evolved. We do pilates. We are like steel.
So, when California opens her big fat mouth and licks her collagen injected lips in anticipation of the likes of us, we’ll be ready.

We’ll say, “Bring it, bitch.”


One Comment to “Apocalypse, later…”

  1. Niiiiiice! Ring out 2008 and ring in 2009. It’s going to be a good year. I hope.

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