Calendars and resistance to change

From the time I was about 12 until my early -mid ’20s, every Sunday morning (whether morning was at 8 a.m or 3 p.m.) I would furiously flip through the delicious layers of the Los Angeles Times to find the Calendar section.

Back then it was all about music critics Robert Hilburn (loved and hated by many) and later Kristine McKenna. Despite his frequently annoying perspectives and overuse of adjectives, Hilburn was pretty much the final word on music in the greater Los Angeles area. Come to think of it, he’s probably one of the reasons I was attracted to journalism (along with Hunter Thompson and of course Lester Bangs, who yes, I am old enough to have read in Creem magazine).

My love affair with the Sunday Calendar endured through my adolescence, the punk years and the trying to be “normal” years, until with one bold editorial decision from the Times staff, everything changed.

What had previously been a pull-out, non-glossy, weekly magazine style section was replaced with a non-descript, unwieldy monster, the full length in inches of the rest of the paper.

It was a departure I couldn’t warm up to and after about 3 weeks of failed attempts, I gave up entirely.

On a recent Sunday morning, freshly pressed coffee in hand, I sat at my table and read the Los Angeles Times Calendar cover to cover, with my previous relish.  I was sated. 20 years later and I’m finally over the Calendar’s format change. It occurs to me what a creature of habit I am and I’m sure I’m not alone. I wonder if the Reporter has any such loyal readers who would be as ruffled by such a change?


One Comment to “Calendars and resistance to change”

  1. i’m still complaining about the times!! it’s so slender now it’s anorexic! and where’s the book review? and opinion? it’s like some sick escher joke the head eating the tale/tail

    now the reporter, while shiringking also, has come far from the days when my editor rick at the vc press was also the editor at the reporter–and they would publish just about anything they didn’t have to write for themselves! hmmn those days may be returning as the economy tanks…perhaps i spoke too soon

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