Scott Jacobs: the soup thickens

On Friday, I received a letter from the woman Scott Jacobs rented from, whom he alleged kicked him out for “being an artist.” If I am to believe her letter, and I have no reason not to, then my instincts were right: Jacobs was lying about the circumstances surrounding his celebrated unoriginal painting of Obama. Stay tuned for more on this…

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2 Comments to “Scott Jacobs: the soup thickens”

  1. I have no idea who you are not that I really care. But it seems that the obvious thing a reporter would do would be to go to the source? My self and my husband are the source wouldn’t you say? And we are very easy to get in contact with. I am absolutely curious as to what woman you are referring to? As we were renting from a man named Dave. It seems that you are no more of a journalist than those who write for people’s magazine. A paparaziof sorts, full of so much information that you are too lazy to check on. We drive a BMW and I own a lap top so what? My husband was in the Navy and that is when we purchased this, should I furnish receipts so you can believe me? But hey, thanks for the article any publicity is good publicity right?

  2. You must really be in awe of Scott Jacobs. You seem so amazed that a single person can shake a mountain dispite having nothing to his name. This infactuation of Scott amazes me! Wow!

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