… Seattle, Austin, Portland . . . Ventura?


VCReporter’s Local Music Issue is on the stands so pick it up and drink deep.  This last six months working as arts editor for the paper has given me tangible evidence for what I already knew intuitively: there is a music scene.

Beyond that, the level of talent here is getting ridiculously high.  A while back, I was challenged by someone here to find something like 20 good local music recordings.  At this point I’m challenged to make room for everything that’s worthy of coverage.

I’m not alone in thinking that Ventura County’s music scene is positioned for national attention. Seattle, Austin, Portland . . . Ventura? It’s not outside the realm of possibility. That said, it occurs to me how much money is funneled into highbrow ventures like the Ventura Music Festival (rightfully so) but homegrown local rock-oriented music is sort of dismissed despite its ability to generate significant revenue for the city.  Not to mention what we could do event-wise with all the venues downtown.

It’s my hope that next year we can pull out all the stops and create a live music event to happen in tandem with our annual music issue (which, in my scheme of things, would be a pull-out resource). A girl can dream, right?


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