For the record

I like my iPod as much as anyone, but it will never replace my need for packaged product, much as the Internet (my lover for many years now) will never do me better than a juicy issue of Mojo, Paste or Vanity Fair.

I remember my first record the way I remember my first crush. It was Help! by the Beatles and I gazed lovingly at every inch of the sleeve as the 12″ lp spun round and round on my record player.  I was maybe five years old and despite being raised in a non-musical home, my obsession with music was already taking root.

Just last night Aerosmith’s Rocks–a remnant of my original collection which, sadly, was mostly lost in the wake of a punk rock lifestyle in the ’80s–took a spin on the turntable while I attempted to exercise.

Records and CDs are a big part of my life, and I’m happy to say, my 14-year-old son has the bug too. An afternoon at the record store is one well spent for both of us. There is much to be culled from such, and more to relish. The sights the sounds, the smells. The impromptu conversations, recommendations and conversations with patrons and staff.

Unlike other retail environments (save for the comic book store), the record store is unique in its stature as a cultural centerpoint where consumption of music and popular culture to some extent, is experienced communally.

Saturday, is national Record Store Day. Locally, Salzer’s Records and Buffalo Records will host a variety of free events and great deals on music with live entertainment by Army of Freshmen, the 88, Dirty Words, Franklin for Short, Delaney Gibson and others.

Plan to be there.


3 Comments to “For the record”

  1. I’d love to be there, Michel. Over here, I think we’re down to 2-3 record stores in a 20 mile radius these days. Sad. So sad.

    mew mew, lady.

  2. Buffalo rekerds is great!!! No music store in Ojai since Blue Sky closed. I remember buying cds @ 18.99 there 10 years ago. How that market has changed!

  3. yeah the only place to buy music in ojai nowadays is itunes… so sad

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