Buying into the New Art City: Take my challenge


In my article today about the business of ArtWalk, I quoted Focus on the Masters‘ Donna Granata regarding the importance of not only attending ArtWalk but also purchasing art.

While the city of Ventura has long been a destination for its diverse ecology, clean air and gorgeous landscape, about a decade ago, as the need to redevelop our historic downtown came into focus, we rather auspiciously began exploring cultural tourism as an economic driver.cover_s1

Today, we are the “New Art City,” not to be confused with the old Art City which remains closed to the public for “code violations” or something. The New Art City is a place where artists live (but can barely afford to do so) and work and create alongside everyone else. There are no numbers to support it, but I’d venture to guess the New Art City has a fairly dense population of creative types compared to other cities of its size. The majority of them live in the downtown cultural district/Avenue area.

Having a city full of artists and a city council that embraces them means we are surrounded by art (though there could certainly be more and better) and the arts. It also means that if we are to lean on the artists for our branding identity, it’s crucial that we support them in the only way that really matters: buy their work.

Many people don’t even consider art and objects d’art to be within wallet’s reach but barring large scale works, original art can be surprisingly affordable.

In Ventura and surrounding cities, we’re blessed to have a multitude of visual artists creating the full spectrum of possibilities. From breezy Plein Aire paintings, to handmade jewelry, small sculpture and contemporary multimedia works, there literally (and i don’t use that word liberally) is something for everyone.

I commit to buying at least one piece of art (and I owe a crapload of money for parking tickets at the moment) at this weekend’s ArtWalk to show in the best way I can, my support of the arts community and the city’s arts-driven business strategies. I will post a pic and blurb on Sunday or Monday.

When you buy something at ArtWalk, send me a pic and a sentence or two about it, and I’ll post it here or on the VCReporter Web site and you will be entered to win a $25 certificate to My Florist Cafe. Do it!


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