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These are my picks for ArtWalk. I plan to go on Saturday, and make Sunday my cleaning day (sigh) but there are some noteworthy events on Sunday so please visit the ArtWalk Web site for details. My general order of visitation is west to east but that could change. Plus, I’m not sure what time I will begin the journey. I will try to tweet but I’m still trying to figure out how to set up my phone.

643 A Project Space (cool contemporary art here but they’re rarely open)

Bell Arts Factory/Vita Art Center (never disappointing, always refreshing, eclectic and fun)

Stoneworks Studios (go for the art and entertainment, stay for the homemade hospitality)

Architexture (the best live music happens here and this time will be no exception)

Spa by Diane Loring (VCReporter managing editor/artist, Michael Sullivan‘s inaugural event)

Artist’s Union Gallery (needs no introduction)

Erle Stanley Gardner Building (CSUCI Capstone exhibit: foretells an expansion into Ventura)

Buenaventura Art Association (friendly people, friendly art)

Sea Breeze Gallery (an authentic collective that gets overlooked sometimes, well worth a look)

Sylvia White Gallery (large scale, upscale and inspiring)

Other possibilities:

1 p.m. Sea Lions (live music) at Buffalo Records

3 p.m. Kiley Ki (live music) California St. stage

6 p.m. Delaney Gibson (VCReporter musical artist to watch) California St. stage


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