Cal music fest continued…

Predictably, I received a less than cheerful note from Mark Rasmussen, the music festival’s organizer, in response to my previous post. And coincidentally, immediately following said post, the Cal Music Festival was updated to include much of the info that was previously missing.

I’m awaiting word from the City’s street fair coordinator Michele Godoy as to whether or not the permits have been approved and paid for which would allow the festival to use Mission Park for the event.

The lineup as of 30 days before the festival features Unwritten Law and B-Side Players as the headliners. After that it’s mostly B-level artists or start-up projects featuring (insert ex-member of 80s or 90s band here), and a slew of potentially interesting, largely unknown So Cal bands peppered with some Ventura County bands including one of our faves: Dirty Words and the Situation.

The list of participating venues is still nowhere near Rasmussen’s original claims to me on the phone, and they’re mostly very small spaces except for Rookees. Problem is, they’re all 21+ except for Zoey’s, which is now, thanks to  a Ventura PD effort, unable to accommodate audiences younger than 21 after 10 p.m.

So, if you’re younger than 21, you might not be able to see all the bands you were hoping to for your $40 ticket.

I honestly hope the festival comes off without a hitch and meets everyone’s expectations. I’m not trying to bash the event in any way. Just trying to shed some light: that’s what journalists do.


3 Comments to “Cal music fest continued…”

  1. You rock, Michel. It’s fun to watch you ruffle some feathers.

    Happy end of May, pretty lady.

    Always, Mel


    • My name is Allen Aue, I own an on-premise winery, ‘Squashed Grapes’, in
      Old Town Camarillo which specializes in helping people create their own
      wines and personalized labels, along with offering supplies for the home
      wine and beer maker. I was a vendor at this years ‘California Music Fest’
      and must say: It was absolutely the worst managed and organized event I’ve
      ever conducted business with. Not only that, but I feel that I was
      severely mislead (if not down-right lied to) about ticket sales, public
      access to the event, and music line-up.

      Regarding ticket sales, how could they have sold 2500 tickets on-line
      (which is one of the many numbers I was told) when that option was never
      available on-line for most of the time? And there were never more that 50 – 100 people at the Mission Park event at any given time?

      And access to the event? When I was first considering buying a vendor
      space at the event, Lori, one of the Music Fest Reps, told me that all of
      the people who were going to the Ventura Street Fair would have access to
      our booths. This was a bald-face lie. We had no access to the public

      Music Line-Up? Who’s going to pay $40 for an event that has no
      headliners? They’d promised us many well-known bands when we’d first bought our booth space. By the end of day two, they’d simply stopped charging people, and even then people weren’t coming in because there was so much going on only 20 ft away on Main St.

      I’ve since received an email from Lori, apologizing profusely and telling
      me that she was also lied to about the aforementioned topics. I’m hoping
      that with that transcript, along with all the other saved emails I have of
      other promises that were never delivered on, I may have a chance at a
      refund, although I very much doubt it.

      I feel other business owners need to discover how poorly ran this
      organization is so that they don’t have to experience the displeasure of
      doing business with them.

      Although I do still commend the concept of the entire “California Music Festival”, I wholeheartedly disagree with the way in which it was organized and managed, and the misleading, evasive ways in which the organizers conducted themselves. The little that I was able to deal with Mark Rasmussen, he acted not as a promoter of the event, but as a subordinate, always trying to pass the buck… delay a decision… Not willing to deal with the situation professionally. Again, I commend the thought of the “California Music Fest”, but I certainly hope that anybody reading this will not do business with the promoters of this event.

      Allen Aue
      Owner ~ Squashed Grapes
      2475 E. Ventura Blvd.
      Camarillo, CA 93010

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