Since I re-entered the VCReporter fold 8 (wow) months ago, I’ve been feeling the pinch of too little space to adequately cover the vast number of events and interesting people in the county.

So.. I’ve been mulling different ways to do more with less, make the most of my limited real estate, looking at how other weeklies and magazines do it. Hopefully I’ll be able to begin playing with some ideas and make them tangible, within the next few weeks. I would love to know what people feel they are not seeing enough of, or seeing too much of,  in the arts and entertainment section.

One thing we’re launching next week is our new music column by Camarillo resident Chris Mastrovito. I’m really excited to welcome Chris has he as exactly the kind of enthusiasm for local music that I was looking for. Plus–he can write!

Chris will be giving us a scene report every other week, give or take, with highlights from the weekend and juicy bits from the nether regions of practice pads throughout the county.  Please give us your feedback regarding a&e content. We are paying attention.


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