Conspiracy theories and downtown Ventura’s nightlife

Violence, drinking problems, encounters with the “authorities.”

No, it’s not my teenage son—it’s the fear and loathing in downtown Ventura of late.  I heard tell that it’s all part of a plot by a certain developer to take over the city’s nightlife by sabotaging competing venues.  Actually, it was more like the paranoid fantasy of a bored musician . . .but since when is that not a valid source?

The skinny: fighting outside Hush Lounge, Ventura PD changing the rules on entertainment licenses, foot patrol cops on weekend nights and ABC coming down on at least two venues.

Those in favor of conspiracy theories are convinced that the timing—the live music scene in Ventura is thriving like never before—is suspicious and that someone must have it in for local music.

A more subdued and logical explanation is probably that as the numbers of people partying (drinking alcohol) downtown grows.. the odds of violence and general shenanigans occuring,  increases.

As these occurrences increase, so does response from people in authority. It’s only natural and in a sense it’s a good thing. It also means that in this economy, people are still spending money on entertainment, that people are creating music and interesting venues in which to hear it and that the plan to revitalize what was once a cruddy few blocks of trashy nothingness has actually become an appealing, lively cultural district.

Let’s be grateful and continue to support everyone who contributes to making this possible.



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