It seems that every week I receive one or two new requests from restaurants to be added into our After Dark section because they have live entertainment. This presents a conundrum similar to what I’ve experienced with gallery listings: restaurants with live music are like retail stores with art. The restaurant is not a nightclub, the retailer is not an art gallery.

Where does one draw the line?

At this point, if I added all the restaurants countywide that feature live music of some sort, I’d have to nearly double the section. Not only do I not have the room or resources, I have issues with restaurants jumping on the live music bandwagon—especially when I know most of them barely pay the bands.

Musicians have been earning the same crappy pay for ages,  yet they must be valuable since practically every restaurant, with or without adequate room, has someone performing.

Why can’t there be restaurants and nightclubs? Why does everyone have to try to be everything? The restaurants hurt the real venues by doing this plus they drive down the market for live music. It’s a lose lose. Besides, who really wants to hear a band while they’re trying to enjoy a meal and maybe talk to friends?

Maybe someone can enlighten me. In the meantime, I need to figure out a way to list every sing live music event or eliminate all restaurant listings entirely.

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2 Comments to “bandwagonesque”

  1. you could start charging for listings…or for listing “upgrades” like bold print.

    i wish i had an opinion about if a restaurant is a real venue or not. the whole idea of live music seems so distant and confusing to me. i don’t even know how to approach it from where i’m at, so i just don’t.

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