New Art City vs. New Bar City

In the midst of decreased funding for the arts in Ventura (the “New Art City”) and the subsequent slow death of ArtWalk, the local music scene is, as I’ve reported previously, exploding. At the same time, the bar scene–if you can call it a scene–has recently been plagued by violence which has led to what appears to be a crackdown by Ventura police on nightclubs.

This of course casts a shadow on downtown nightlife , nightlife which like it or not, the city is quite dependent on for revenue, especially considering the decrease in TOT revenue this year.

Yesterday, Joe Cardella, publisher of the now-defunct (but not irrelevant) Art Life magazine, left a very kind message on VCReporter’s Facebook fan page, but also mentioned his distaste for what he called the “New Bar City.”

I’m not exactly sure what I’m trying to say here, but I suppose the overarching theme idea is that there should be a way for all sectors of the arts and nightlife to work together for our common purpose.

As one local band’s name says, “Adversity Breeds Creation.” I tend to agree with this although I’d prefer “Creativity.”


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