Longer vs. shorter (double entendre unintended)

I’m in the process of revamping VCReporter’s art & culture section. This is the 1-1.5 pages that serve as entry into the a & e section of the paper and usually include a large lead feature and a smaller secondary article relating to fine arts, popular culture etc. (Music and media/film are different sections).

It has been my belief for a while now that readers would enjoy more but shorter articles. This has been a trend in weeklies and I prefer it for the weekly format. So instead of one fairly long article on a whole page, their might be three short pieces, with a couple of adequate size photos and maybe a third small photo.

What I’m wondering is whether my instincts are correct. Will people miss the longer stories or will they appreciate more comprehensive, easily digestible coverage?

Chime in please.


3 Comments to “Longer vs. shorter (double entendre unintended)”

  1. Your instincts are correct. People like to read short and fast. People have short attention spans. People…hey, look–A CAT!

    Love & Madness, Mel

  2. I think more shorter articles which allow the VCR to cover more topics is better BUT with some (more?) feature articles on arts topics thrown in.

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