Closed Until Further Notice: Hush Lounge


As Chris Mastrovito mentioned in his most recent column, after 4 years in business, Hush has been shushed. Whether it’s a victim of what would appear to be a war on downtown Ventura’s nightlife–and specific sectors of such–remains to be seen.

Hush Lounge was an upscale nightclub with DJs, live music, and a restaurant. Dress code was enforced, noise levels were, according to the owner, kept in check via his ubiquitous decibel meter and unseemly types were turned away.

But a series of unfortunate events, the details of which vary depending who you ask, led to the city’s revocation of Hush’s entertainment license a few weeks ago which in turn led to an immediate and dramatic loss of revenue for the club.

There has been speculation regarding the city’s attitude toward Hush’s largely Latino clientèle, especially at a time when political posturing and jockeying for position, in what’s becoming a competitive climate, appears to be on the rise.

Rules are rules and if I was a betting woman I’d say many of downtown’s nightclubs have had issues with noise and alleged violence in recent months. Yet, oddly, they remain in business, their entertainment permits in tact.

I would think that taking action that could lead to the closure of a thriving business downtown, would be done only as a last resort in the most extreme cases. Where is our sense of community or dare I say compassion for the small business owner? I wonder who’s next . . . taking bets.


One Comment to “Closed Until Further Notice: Hush Lounge”

  1. You can say it was the stabbing, gang violence, or police prejudice that shut this place down but I know first hand that it was just flat out bad business. Someone with good business sense and a little experience in the politics involved could snatch this place up and make something great happen. Hush was once the place to be, and there are plenty of people in the 805 that would love to party there again someday….if they pay their bills on time.

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