Bloodlust: in anticipation of the True Blood season finale

Yes, I am one of them. A would-be fangbanger lusting after Eric, loathing Maryann, adoring Lafayette, sympathizing with Sam, being embarrassed for Jason and tolerating Sookie (whom a friend of mine unaffectionately refers to as “Sucky”.)

What has developed into an epic battle of good and evil, antihero against hypocrite will come to a close this Sunday, Sept. 13 on HBO and fans everywhere are stocking their refrigerators with the new True Blood drink (which is selling for $9 per bottle on Ebay) for their viewing parties.

My son has a theory about the show which I tend to agree with: the vampires are a metaphor for the marginalized in contemporary society–especially the gay/lesbian community. The war waged against them by the Christian right mimics the real life assault of right wing America on anyone who doesn’t fit their pattern of morality. But, of course the vampires are turning out to be the more compassionate race and we’re counting on them now to save the world or at least the lil town of Bon Temps, LA.

What separates the races in True Blood is not their biological/racial differences, it is their judgment and hatred, something the late great ancient vampire Godrick, who laid down his unlife (or simply tired of immortality). Godrick understood that the vampires’ brutality and lack of mercy is what brought the wrath of their detractors upon them. He knew the future of all the races was dependent on their compassion for and acceptance of one another. Love conquers all, right? Interesting message from a buncha bloodsucking sex fiends. 😛

As this, my favorite show and beloved weekly ritual comes to a close (not to mention the ending of Hung), I take comfort in the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. Yeah, yeah, say what you will but I still like it and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with George.

Meanwhile Big Love should be starting back up soon– I wonder if it will continue to fascinate me like it did last season and Entourage is well into its umpteenth season. Damn, I wish I had Tivo.

BREAKING: The Vampire Diaries premieres on the CW tonight. Sheesh… I’m anticipating disappointment; I hated Twilight. We’ll see how it compares to TB.

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