VCReporter one year later . . .

behind the curtain

behind the curtain

It’s been one year since I returned to VCReporter to reprise my role as arts editor. It’s a labor of love and I’d be loath to find a more perfect fit.  I feel I’ve accomplished much of what I hoped to, yet there’s so much I wish I could do with the section (art & culture, music/after dark, film/media).

Some things I’ve changed:

  • Added a music column and a gaming column
  • Ceased all coverage of events or people outside the Ventura County line (including CD reviews and “worth the drive.”)
  • Brought some new writers into the fold (Jim Scolari, Claudio Pardo, Erik Hayden, Chris O’Neal, Chris Mastrovito and Alex Field) and kindly waved goodbye to others.
  • Expanded music coverage and brought back the annual music issue.
  • Highly recommended shows in the “after dark” section plus more band photos and weekly picks.
  • Expanded theater coverage, assisted in a “happenings” overhaul and put theater back into arts listings along with additional visual art listings.
  • Arts briefs

What’s still being imagined:

  • A condensed, more magazine-like art & culture section
  • TV column
  • Local music podcast
  • Reporter sponsored music and film events

I hope you continue to read and enjoy the arts and entertainment section of the Reporter and let us know what you like, what you don’t like, what there’s too much of and what there’s not enough of.

Cheers to the year ahead . . . an even better year.


3 Comments to “VCReporter one year later . . .”

  1. Happy Anniversary, Michel.

    Hugs, Mel

  2. I’m around, all over town, dressed in…brown. And rhyming poorly.

    Keep on keeping the west side cool. I’ll keep on the east. We’ll meet someday in the middle.



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