a black friday grateful list

Jim Scolari waxed slightly cyncial this week in the Reporter about gratitude in the age of excess following the peak of prosperity in  mid-century America. It makes me wonder if the more we have, the less we have. As our embrace of materialsm gets tighter and our identities further defined by what accumulates in our garages and around our waistlines, it seems to be at the peril of our humanity. This is not new thought, but it’s what’s on my mind today, as the hordes rush to the mall for cheap stuff often without regard for the one in line behind them. It’s a good time not to defer to the bad habits of consumer consciousness, but instead to take advantage of the opportunity at hand: compassionate connection with strangers. We should not underestimate the power of a kind word, a helpful gesture, a smile or even eye contact. As I venture out today I will likely fail to practice this in every situation, but with each new person I encounter I get to try again. With that all said, I’ve compiled a list of what I’m grateful for today.

1. That I don’t have credit to blow on stuff I can’t afford

2. I don’t have a big house to furnish and friggin’ clean.

3. Every silly construction paper Christmas ornament I saved.

4. The kindness of the dude who fixed my screens the other day.

5. The grace of strangers.

6. Second chances.

7. Handle shopping bags and ziplocks.

8. The 99 cent store.

9. The musicians who save my life on a daily basis.

10. Friends, new and old.


One Comment to “a black friday grateful list”

  1. perfect. happy holidays, michel.

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