The audacity of Morrissey

I know at least a few people who have forked over $100 per ticket to see Morrissey at the Ventura Theatre Friday night and while I understand paying top dollar to see an artist that deeply moves you, I don’t understand the need for the artist to command such from fans.

Do artists deserve to make a fair living for what they do? Yes. Are most artists horribly underpaid, especially given the time and money investment required to produce their art? Definitely. But.. isn’t there a symbiosis between artist and fan that makes price gouging seem counter intuitive? When I purchase music or see an artist perform, it’s not an emotionless transaction–money exchanged for goods and services. There is heart involved, a relationship forms, sometimes loyalty follows.

I’m not a fan of Morrissey, but let’s say Ryan Adams was coming to town and tickets were $100, I would be torn between my desire to see my beloved, my inability to justify the expense and the feeling that the artist will ultimately put his bank account above all else, which seems incongruous with the spirit of art.

Of course we are willing to pay for something dear to us,  but is it OK to ask people as dear as your fans to dig uncomfortably deep, especially in difficult times?


4 Comments to “The audacity of Morrissey”

  1. I love Morrissey. But I hear you. He’s also notorious for canceling shows because he’s always getting “sick.” He did it to me a couple of years ago. I was reimbursed for the 45$ ticket, so that was good. But I don’t think I’d ever consider paying 100$ or more for a ticket. That’s just plain criminal.

    and HEY!

    Happy Holidays, Michel.

  2. wait, artists charge money for their art? huh…

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