2009 the Year of the Vampire

Not very Christmasy, I know, but as I’ve been watching Vampire Diaries all week and I’ve got fangs on my mind. Before I continue, I should probably confess my real fondness is, in this case, not so much for blood and lust as it for teen drama (plus blood and lust).

Coincidentally, Shiri Appleby, the former star of Roswell (my all time favorite teen drama with plenty of lust, not much blood and the beginning of Katherine Heigl’s career) is launching a new TV show on the CW (home to Vampire Diaries–it’s all so incestuous) called Life Unexpected.

While I’ve been enjoying Vampire Diaries as an escape that’s easy on the eyes and the noggin, I found Twilight to be absolutely annoying. So much so, I stopped it half way through. If anything vampire-related dominated my time this year it was HBO’s  Trueblood.

Set in the swampy south and teeming with juicy, flawed characters, Trueblood was, for its short summer season, the perfect cap to my weekends and fun fodder for the water cooler (which at VCReporter is the coffee pot in the kitchen.)

Obviously my fascination with vampire-related drama this year is not unique, which makes me wonder what we find so seductive anyway about murderous, bloodsucking undead–besides good looks and extra-erotic powers.

But, what kept me interested in Trueblood wasn’t so much Eric (although, close, very close) it was the paradoxical moral subtext: the vampires were ultimately more just and compassionate than the humans–especially (gasp!) the Christian humans. From the Christlike martyrdom of Godric, to co-protagonist Bill’s struggle to reclaim his humanity, the themes of sin and redemption turned upside down, were the meat that probably kept most  viewers coming back.

So, while Vampire Diaries enjoys a weeklong marathon for the rest of us to catch up, It remains no more than a weak substitute for true love, Trueblood (which also has the best theme song of any TV show EVER).


One Comment to “2009 the Year of the Vampire”

  1. Roswell wasn’t really the beginning for Heigl she had almost 10 years in films / tv under her belt by then.

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