Who are you?

As I look forward to a new calendar year of art, culture, music and media coverage I can’t help but wonder who my readers are. Some of you, obviously I know,  and we communicate, but I imagine (and hope) there are many more whom I’ve never interacted with.

My focus since I’ve been in this position has been to provide the most informative and entertaining resource possible for arts and culture in Ventura County and ONLY in Ventura County. We now have a bi-weekly music column, an expanded Happenings section and an After Dark that’s 100 percent devoted to local music.  I’ve also added Arts Briefs as a way to integrate information that’s relevant to both the arts community and its patrons, even when there’s no room for articles. In short, my charge has been maximizing space, spreading the love and championing the arts in Ventura County so that readers are edified and entertained and creatives are supported.

Though I feel like these are all positive additions, I’m somewhat in the dark as to how you feel about them, whether or not you’ve noticed, whether or not it’s served you.  I would love to get your thoughts and ideas as to how the paper could be improved, and I’d like to know how often you pick it up, what do you turn to first, what do you skip and what, if anything do you rely on.

If you have a minute, please clue me in. If you want to rant or pitch, shoot me an email: michel@vcreporter.com or contact me through facebook. 🙂


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