More Ventura County love for Haiti

Americans are clearly a generous people, which is evident time and time again when a great need develops anywhere in the world. Earlier this week, Larry King viewers donated $8 million for aid to Haitians during a telethon. Ventura County is following suit and creative types are proving once again to be some of the most compassionate folk around.

Yes, it’s impressive that Amgen donated $2 million, but when those who are struggling give what little they have, it makes a statement — and we all know how little most artists and musicians have. In just a few days, Ventura performer Kiley Ki organized a benefit concert that yielded more than $3,000 and she’s still collecting donations to try to bump it to $4 K.

VCReporter along with Zoey’s Café and Salzer’s Records is hosting a concert at the Lodge this Sunday, Jan. 24 that will feature some outstanding music by Shades of Day, Shane Alexander, Delaney Gibson and others who have been moved by the suffering of those devastated by the quake in Haiti. Ventura Film Society will also be on hand with a small slate of visual offerings to shed light on the plight of the Haitian people even before the great quakes.

Take 2 in Ventura is also hosting a benefit on Sunday with proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders in Haiti. Roller Derby girls, and Oxnard Guitar Center staff will be on hand as well as Gary Boyer and other Ventura musicians.

Salzer’s is collecting shoes for the people of Haiti and Brandon Salzer reports that so far the response has been encouraging.

Latino radio La “M”, 103.7 FM in Port Hueneme will be holding a fundraiser on Saturday, Jan. 23 from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. Proceeds will go the Ventura County chapter of the Red Cross.

Let’s all show up for at least one of these and do what we can. Barring any brief medical emergencies (a common occurance of late), I plan to be at the Lodge with bells on and a few bucks in my hand.


One Comment to “More Ventura County love for Haiti”

  1. It was either David Comden or Michel Cicero or ??? on this one, but thanks for the mention and everyone’s work on behalf of Haiti’s recovery.

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