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March 16, 2011

The Guest List

Readers of VCReporter may or may not have noticed that we’ve launched a new column. In lieu of replacing Sounding the 805 music columnist Chris Mastrovito, we decided to invite local musicians to give us their two cents regarding Ventura County’s music scene.

This first person on the list was Dan Grimm, who wrote about the cultural richness of what many of us affectionately refer to as Ventucky. Nest up is Josh Hayes (Glass and Ashes, Lovebird) whose piece publishes on March 17.  Josh has much to say about the city of Ventura’s determination to brand itself on the backs of the arts as well as what’s really needed from everyone in order to foster a strong, cohesive, supportive and supported music scene here.

It seems the city (government, not general population) has realized that live music, not just visual art, is a big revenue source here (better late than never) and thus they’ve decided to create an event to draw attention to it. Ventura Music Week, slated for late April, will attempt to provide a boost to the local music scene and those whose livelihoods depend on it, by essentially letting people know that, uhhhh, there are lots of places to drink and hear great music in Ventura!!

Josh Hayes makes some salient points regarding this development as does Rain Perry who is next on the list: March 24.

If music is important to you or even if you’re just interested in it, please take some time to read this new column in VCReporter’s music section and take part in the ongoing conversation.



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