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June 30, 2011

The serial comma is undead

For a brief moment I thought the days of being haunted by the serial comma were over.  But, rumors on the internets of the death of the Oxford comma, aka the serial comma, were  erroneous after all.  Reports that the pesky punctuation mark was eighty-sixed by the Oxford University Press were found to be untrue and the serial comma killer once again seeks to eat my brains.

I’ve been a hater ever since I was fired from a lucrative copy editing job for killing the serial commas–hence the birth of my superhero alter ego serial comma killer.  The job, proofreading text for medical journals (yawn), called for the APA stylebook as its main style reference, and I mistakenly used the AP stylebook. (Gasp!)

The serial comma may live on as a zombie but I shall remain steadfast in my battle to destroy it.

June 1, 2011

More Marilyn


New photos have emerged of a young (22) Marilyn Monroe training in her craft back when entertainers  were accomplished at so much more than absorbing undue adoration. I miss that kind of talent (not that Marilyn was a great singer or amazing dancer, but she really tried) in Hollywood.  It’s interesting how we are still captivated by images of Marilyn so long after her death. Had she lived to be an old woman, I wonder if we’d be as fascinated.


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