Jack-booted thugs and Gibson guitars: Ted Nugent has a bone to pick

“The only thing more outrageous than the term “jack booted thugs’ is the insidious vile conduct of jack booted thugs. It is heartbreaking that the American government is infested with such soulless, antiAmerican thuggery. It is the criminal misbehavior of jack booted thugs who raided the Amish farmer for selling raw milk to neighbors who desired to purchase raw milk.


Jack booted thugs arrested an ID rancher for defending his children’s lives in their own yard from a vicious “non-endangered” grizzly bear. Only a jack booted thug would viciously interrogate law abiding young hunters for using the number one selling arrowhead in the world. Jack booted thugs raided restaurant after restaurant in San Francisco, wasting millions more tax dollars looking for tiger penises and finding nothing.


And now the braindead abuse of power runs amok as armed federal agents raid Gibson guitars looking for “illegal” wood. That’s right; an armed raid looking for mishandled wood.Are you kidding me? Maybe a president raised by America hating communists, educated by America hating communists, surrounded by America hating communists, spiritually guided and married by an America hating racist, just maybe this president would abuse such power and empower his corrupt agencies to abuse their power in his evil fundamental transformation, also known as intentional destruction, of the greatest quality of life in the history of the world.

I stand with Gibson guitars with all the faith in the world that the wood they use is in no way endangered, and that they purchased it all legally. I am further convinced that any mindless federal agent who doesn’t challenge these kinds  abuses of power by over zealous bureaucrats need to search their souls and remember their pledge to protect and abide by the Constitution of the United States of America.


I proudly displayed dozens of American made Gibson masterpieces on stage throughout my “I STILL BELIEVE” tour in 2011, challenging anybody anywhere from any law enforcement agency to come and get my guitars. No takers.


Because soulless power abusing bureaucrats avoid Ted Nugent concerts because they are intimidated by the soundtrack and defiant spirit of real American spirit and soul.


Don’t just stand there squawking; contact your elected officials until the feds back off and display some common sense and decency when they claim to want to create American jobs while they shut down one of the most respected American manufacturers the world has ever known.

We got the ID rancher off with good old fashioned “we the people” activism. If you are not willing to participate in that, you are part of the problem instead of the solution.”


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