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January 6, 2012

12 Habits the art world needs to ditch

Street art by Morley. Move along, nothing to obsess about here.

Great article in Huffington Post  by longtime L.A. art critic and Coagula art journal publisher Mat Gleason about the art world’s somewhat antiquated habits. Among other things he says, which I tend to agree with, are:

“Art is sensual. Academics are not.”

“Art is subjective. There inherently cannot be experts.”

Art should not be consigned. (As professional musicians should not generally play for free, says I.)

Street or graffiti art should be admired for its merit, not who painted it. (People tend to get obsessed with the “who” rather than the “what”.)

He also comes down pretty hard on what he calls the art advice industry (I wonder what Sylvia White would say).

Have a read and chime in!

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