New crimes: moshing and other forms of “expressive dance”

Being old school, I still consider the term “mosh” the way I think of Ron Wood as the new Rolling Stone.  (That’s right, I was “moshing” before it was mainstream–call me a hipster.) Back when I was one small vein in the throbbing mass of meat and mischief that seemed to expand with each hardcore (again, refer to your old school punk rock glossary) show at the Olympic Auditorium, there was a certain code of conduct everyone followed. Today the pit seems a bit more, uh, energetic than in years past, or it’s just the change in perspective that comes with age and achy joints.

Anyway, it seems that aggressive moshing and  similar forms of “expressive dance” have gotten on the Boston PD’s last nerve, so it’s cracking down, vowing that “dance- floor mayhem will not be tolerated.” In the cops’ cross hairs is the House of Blues in advance of a Flogging Molly run for St. Patrick’s Day.  Yes, I too can imagine the possibilities when you add Flogging Molly fans to St. Paddy’s in BOSTON, but is all this enforcement really necessary?

What say you?


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