There’s a new kid in town….


It looks like my most recent entrepreneurial fantasy (read: suicide mission) to open a country-western bar, will be usurped by The Tavern. At the former Candlelight location, the latest venue to attempt to fill the ears and bellies of music lovers may actually have a chance at succeeding. Though not exclusively a country bar, it could fill the small void left by downtown Ventura’s most recent casualties: J’s Tapas and Crave.

With its masculine, aged-leather and wood decor, and plans for, of all things, a honky-tonk night, I’m personally excited to welcome another comfortable hang that features great music. The management appears to have experience operating a successful venue and plans to offer a mix of local and out of town bands as well as a gaming area (Wii) and plenty of cozy, warm lounge space. The Tavern has a decent menu and a wide selection of beer, including locally crafted, and specialty drinks.

See ya there….

With a massive glass etching of a tall ship behind the bar (leftover I’m sure from Landmark 78) how can you go wrong?


3 Comments to “There’s a new kid in town….”

  1. so a new paint job makes you a music venue? None of the changes seemed real.. Place feels stale and fake.. Same owners same Out of towner feel… And there is still raw sewage dripping from the upstairs Bathroom upstairs it comes directly from the exposed pluming above the dance floor and back bar should have spent the money dealing with that.. not trying to b e another zoey’s disgusting

    • Ewww at sewage. I hadn’t noticed. Same owners? Hmmmmm. I get that it has some kinks to work out, but it does take time to get that lived in feeling. I don’t think they are trying to be another Zoey’s. Let’s give them some time, see how they treat the bands (and encourage them to clean up.) Let’s not be afraid of out of towners.

  2. It’s a horrible establishment for any bands, specially a touring one at that to play. They’ll say “we pay bands by check”. That would be fine. What they forget to mention is that they are a corporation. They also fail to mention that at the end of the gig, the band must sign a W9 form (“its policy”) and “that check” will be mailed out. Expect to receive it 2 weeks later. For any touring band expecting to get paid that night, and use that money to get to the next gig this venue would cause some major hell. Keep Ventura Locally ran and operated! That’s the beauty of downtown Ventura. It’s all Mom & Pops. That’s how it should be! Don’t let yuppie corporations infiltrate like weeds. .. and not the good kind.

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