Sometimes you just need one person and the Internet

We hear so much discussion these days about  how spending time online provides a  false sense of relationship and community. Tell that to the amazing Caine, a 9 year old boy who built an old school arcade of games, replete with ticket dispensing and prizes, from cardboard boxes, packing tape and knick knacks lying around his father’s auto shop.  This story is not without irony; alone in a room sans technology for hours and days and weeks, the boy out of necessity for activity, invented it with what was on hand. His creative mind was forced to take over. Had he access to a Nintendo, or iPad it’s doubtful he would have ever built the arcade. But had it not been for the Internet, his dream of having people play his games might not have been fulfilled. Now he has it all: the satisfaction of a job well done, the joy of sharing it and a savings account to fund his future education.  Watch the 10-minute short film Caine’s Arcade. If nothing else it will make you smile, guaranteed.



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