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June 13, 2012

June 4, 2012

Do not resuscitate (the music industry)

When I say I’m not a fan of the industry it doesn’t mean I don’t want musicians to succeed. It means I don’t want theĀ  leeches that have made lucrative careers out of exploiting other people’s talent to succeed. In my mind, every time a label dies, a stray puppy finds its forever home.

Here’s a comprehensive piece on the Music is My Boyfriend blog about the history of the industry and some tough love insight on how to survive its slow death. The writer declares that “technology is the death of tradition” and while this is true to some extent, I believe it could also be the birth of new traditions. Part of adapting is knowing what is okay to bury and what is not. It’s a new paradigm but a necessary change. Artists need to value themselves and their work again instead and stop selling out to the first person with a fat wallet who says they’re good.

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