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November 29, 2012

Goodbye sucks

Enrique’s office at VCReporter was like a scaled down health food store and nutritional pharmacy. Every day around noon, the piercing whirrrr of his juicer could be heard throughout the office as he prepared some sort of plant-derived concoction. Eventually it became necessary to ban the dreaded Durian fruit he so loved to torture us with. A raw vegan from way back, Enrique loved to play with his food, but he loved to share it even more. From his homemade raw vegan ice cream (soooo delicious) to premium chocolates, tea, dried kale and a regular supply of organic fruits, the delight he took in natural food was infectious. I will always be indebted to him for turning me on to CALM, a magnesium supplement that relieves anxiety and associated symptoms.

Enrique and I bonded almost immediately around skateboard culture and old school punk rock. We were only a year apart and we liked the same things. We also shared a similar faith. When he found out I’d written a story about the Dogtown documentary and that I still had the audio tapes of my interviews he lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. I brought him the tapes to listen to and I think he transferred them to digital audio files. He was always the go-to for tech stuff.

We would discuss all things pop culture as well as parenting, health and politics. He recorded podcasts and TV shows for me. We exchanged books and on a few occasions we prayed together. During the course of his illness I awoke numerous times at 3 or 4 a.m. compelled to pray for him. But all the prayers, the hope, the love, the faith, couldn’t stop the relentless march of the those damn cancer cells.

Everyone dies but not everyone lives. Enrique lived and I’m better for having known him. Time will calm the sting of loss, but I will not forget Enrique’s sweet, generous nature and of course his hatred for last minute editorial changes… oh, and the rubber chicken.


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