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December 31, 2013

The List: No. 2

matt singer

1. Matthew Singer. I hired him as a music columnist pre-social media, pre-Netflix, pre-practically everything we can’t get through one day without and I’ve marveled at his talent ever since.  Five years ago he moved to Portland to try to make something of his life and now he’ s the music editor at Willamette Weekly. He also writes the VCReporter bi-weekly media column. He’s a better writer than I’ll ever hope to be, and he’s sharper than all of us (that includes you.) He’s followed by more than 700 people on Twitter. He basically rules at life. @mpsinger.


2. Michele Serros. I actually met Michele in the late ’80s when she worked in the custom framing department at Michael’s in Santa Monica. She was originally from Oxnard. She worked with my ex-husband (before we were dating). When I moved to Ventura (with husband), I became aware of her poetry, put two and two together. . .. She is a real sweetheart and a force to reckon with.

brit candy

3. Rosie Lee Imports. I should probably hate this shop for being close enough to my office to satisfy my inevitable 3 p.m.  compulsion to consume sugar. Chocolate covered marzipan, creme filled biscuits (cookies), a fantastic selection of teas and pleasant conversation with the owner, make this a lovely place to sugar rush.


4. Parenthood. Maybe it’s my empty nest, maybe it’s hormones or maybe it’s Dax Shepard, but I got it bad for this TV drama and I’m blaming Netflix for feeding my need. When Orange is the New Black season 1 came to a close and Breaking Bad ended, this little show filled the gap and provided an outlet for a steady stream of conflicting emotion. Sure it can get a bit hokey, but I care about the characters which is something I can’t say to often.

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