Thurston Moore’s favorite songs

thurston moore

Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore revealed 38 of his favorite songs and while many of them are what you’d expect, there are a few surprises. Moore, or anyone associated with Sonic Youth is somewhat of a sacred cow in music. You have to sort of get behind them or you’re basically a fool. A charlatan.  (Whatever). A few of the songs from his list are also on my own list. (I may be cool after all). A few artists seemed out of left field. He definitely has his pet genres: glitter, no wave, So Cal punk, early British punk, “grunge,” and folk . . . didn’t see that one coming.  The fact that he listed a Beach Boys tune but left out anything by The Beatles feels a bit pretentious/trendy. There is a school of thought that The Beach Boys had a bigger influence on pop music than The Beatles. I respectfully disagree. Actually, I think it’s total bullshit, but everyone’s entitled to his opinion.  He also named a Youth Brigade song which made me literally go, “whoa.” And the Bush Tetras. I forgot all about that band. Whether or not I think Moore’s “choices” are a tad self-conscious, listening to them made me nostalgic. Where are The Germs of today? Or the Hendrix. Or even Nirvana? Who’s setting precedents in music anymore? To quote another great artist in its day: Nothing’s shocking. But I wish it was.

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One Comment to “Thurston Moore’s favorite songs”

  1. Good question: who is setting precedents in music today?

    I can’t stand today’s bottled and packaged music. The last full album I purchased from iTunes was Pearl Jam’s latest. Try as I might, I just can’t get into any of it. Frankly, I can’t stand it, it all sounds the same to me.

    I think music has become so homogenized, you can’t differentiate one artist from another, imho.

    Save Jimi Hendrix, I never got into any of the bands on Thurston’s list. I’m probably not cool enough, but that’s alright. Maybe being a huge Rush fan would at least put me into the “she’s alright” category.

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