Hustle and blow

Since Jennifer Lawrence is now controlled by the Illuminati, it’s only a matter of time before her public descent into madness. You heard it here first. How else can you explain her Oscar nomination (and Golden Globe win) for truly terrible acting in that overblown movie American Hustle? I can’t even entertain the thought that Amy Adams could beat Cate Blanchett. Wait, I just did. 


2 Comments to “Hustle and blow”

  1. Okay, I’m totally obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence!! However, I have to agree that her acting in that movie isn’t Oscar worthy, even though it was pretty good for a twenty-something year old. I really enjoyed all the acting in the film, even though it was predictable and a bit overwrought.

    • She’s definitely compelling. I was a bit obsessed in 2012 after Silver Linings Playbook, but then gravely disappointed in American Hustle. I need to see the Hunger Games follow-up. She’s good but there are many who are miles ahead of her and everyone needs to allow her to grow into the hyperbole. (IMHO)

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