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September 5, 2015

So many colors!

In case you weren’t aware, adult coloring books have arrived. Of course, they’ve always existed, but for the last year or so they’ve been trending like crazy (blame those damn hipsters?), and in an era where the human attention span is diminishing more with each device we plug into, grown ups are rediscovering how relaxing┬áthe simple act of coloring can be. Enter artist Laurel Huggins whose art nouveau paintings and lush textiles have been collected around the globe for decades. I visited Huggins in her studio at Bell Arts Factory during First Friday where I openly swooned over her gorgeous coloring pages. They are available on archival paper suitable for framing and regular paper just for fun. Get ’em now before they go viral, because they will.

Reach her at or visit her at Bell Arts Factory, 432 N. Ventura Avenue, Studio 95.20150904_195853

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