About Me: A Not So Brief Introduction


I’ve owned three businesses and will always carry a torch for the entrepreneurial experience.

I refuse to believe that print is a dying medium, and I plan to do whatever is necessary to keep the fire burning in my little universe.

I find the writing process to be exceedingly painful. (Fist bump if you agree.)

I am quality-driven.

I’m old school.

I love lists.

I believe that precise, effective communication is critical to personal and professional success.

Writing is rewriting.

We are living in the age of the amateur. Do not succumb to the temptations therein.

“Kill your darlings.” -William Faulkner

All day long.




16 Comments to “About Me: A Not So Brief Introduction”

  1. hoo-hoo!! you go girl! yowza! tell it like it is!!

    (btw, no way your son is a teen. no way. isn’t he still 7?)

    from a ENFP (i think)

  2. Congrats again, Michel, on the new career and this stellar blog that puts mine to shame. You are a true wonder of the West Coast. Sending East Coast love your way.

    Best, Mel

  3. Michel~

    Found my way to your webpage via your last e-mail to me =)

    I LOVE IT!! RIP Betty Page.. Was saddened a few days ago when I learned of her heart attack..Knew it wouldn’t be long. She’s flying with the angels and looking as hot as she did in her day =)

    Anyways, I haven’t even looked through 1/2 of your page, so I’ll get back to that. Love your seemingly lifetime sense of humor and originality. I aspire to have those qualities as my life goes on!


  4. Great work, Michel!!! It’s obvious we’re in terrific hands, once again. Thanks much for coming back, and caring so much about all the beauty we have, that is Ventura, California…

    Peace and Blessings to all!!!


  5. We all love Scott Jacobs!!

  6. Its a nice change to have a really outspoken arts editor in the vc reporter. keep it eccentric!;)

  7. Michel, great post…I can’t believe I just discovered your blog…and I’m sure you’re doing a fantastic job at the Reporter! By the way, I too am an INFJ! Fun.

  8. It was our pleasure meeting you last Sat night @ Dirty Vinyl. So happy that you loved our band, 29 Mules. It looks like we will be playing in Ventura more frequently now. We love Ventura too!! The people & bars rock!!!

    We are playing the Ventura County Fair & then Dirty Vinyl on Sat, August 14th, 2010

    So cya there!!!

  9. Michel,

    I received your information from someone at Ventura College. I recently took over as Director of the Opera/Musical program there, and I believe you’re collecting info for upcoming shows in the arts. Could I send you our show that we’ll be putting on in December?


  10. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..extra wait .. ?

  11. Hi, love the blog… I have a one-act in the Full Frontal Humanity contest in Santa Paul, though Santa Paula Theater… Are you going to cover it… (June the winners are staged)

    Fingers crossed they select mine — Angry Bees.


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