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February 20, 2014

the modern court of popular opinion

I’ve been getting quite a lot of traffic for the past two weeks. Here’s why:

  • gracie gold bullshit
  • gracie gold bitch
  • ashely wagner slut
  • ashley wagner bitch face
  • gracie gold annoying
  • ashley wagner had a snotty face
  • gracie gold snobby interview

These are the most commonly used search phrases to land people on my humble blog recently. I agree with most of them.



February 15, 2014

The color of money

Before last night I was mildly obsessed with women’s figure skating and declared no interest whatsoever in men’s. That’s all changed. Besides all the delicious drama (someone quit, someone fell hard etc.), one of the skaters, Jason Brown, used music by Prince for his short program, a bold move to be sure. Upping the ante on the risk factor (no, I’m not talking about personal injury, though there may be lawyers involved) was the rather large Prince logo on his back.

Assuming he didn’t get the green light from the great purple one, would anyone be surprised if repercussions were in his future? The famously litigious Artist Recently Known as Asshole is beginning to rival another musician (who shall remain nameless seeing as I once had to endure a lengthy deposition at his lawyers’ behest. Hint: his band is usually associated with sunny California and mental illness ) and apparently fans are no more immune to the wrath of his ego than corporations. Shameful behavior.

On the other hand,  Brown’s performance, was anything but shameful and altogether stunning. Flamboyant, creative and technically near-perfect, it turned me into an instant fan of men in tights on ice. Yet, inexplicably, earned him no better than 9th place. NINTH PLACE.  I could go on about the injustice but I’d really like to know what you think.

February 11, 2014

Ashley Wagner, what do you meme this is bullshit?

I like Ashley Wagner.
Not as much as I dislike Gracie Gold and not nearly as much as I love a good meme.  It was painful for me to see Gracie perform her free skate so beautifully this weekend, seeing as I can’t bear her personality, the way she glares at Wagner or the fact that she used Pink Floyd’s “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” for her Olympic routine. (Syd Barrett was  mumbling in his grave.) But my woe turned to whoa when 15 -year old Julia Lipnitskaia, the Russian phenom who Gold says has no spine (she didn’t mean it metaphorically, or did she?) took to the ice and left everyone in the dust of her gold medal.
By the way, I’m bringing “you ignorant slut” back into the cultural lexicon during these winter Olympics and maybe until SNL gets funny again.



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